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Sports Injury & Massage Clinic

Sports therapy is a clinical treatment and rehabilitation method that aims to relieve pain and improve strength through exercise.

Our Services

Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

Sports massage
Injury management and advice
Mobilisations for joint problems
Postural management
Specific rehabilitation programmes for injuries such as muscle tears and ligament strains
Pain management

Nutrition & Weight Management:

Decrease fat percentage
Calorie plans and measurements
7 day food diaries
Habit consultations
Supermarket & food selection advice
Food labeling advice

Personal training

Increase strength
Increase fat loss
Design a programme specific to you
Meet your ultimate body goal in life
Train for that big competition
Increase skills in sport and technique
Highlight specific muscle tone and strength
Get that 6-pack you’ve always wanted


45 minutes therapy £35
Sports massage £35
Nutrition and weight management consultation (includes 7-day meal plan £35
45 minutes Outdoor Personal training session £30
Fitness and Prehap assessment, 30 minutes £15

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